Charlie Warzel

The Weather Channel Thinks Facebook and Twitter Save Lives

Twitter and Facebook save lives. At least that's what The Weather Company believes.

The Native Advertising Argument Is Far From Over

Every so often the stars align and the panel gods break the monotonous cycle of dispassionate, talking point-riddled "new media" discussions.

Demand Media’s 2-Year-Old Fashion Tips

This is what it looks like when a website dies. Sort of.

New York Times Co. Will Try to Sell Off Boston Globe

The New York Times announced it planned to unload The Boston Globe and its related properties, which would further strip the company of assets outside of the paper of record.

Demand Media Will Explore Splitting Into Two Companies

On the heels of its Q4 earnings call today, Demand Media announced news that it plans to explore splitting into two public companies, separating the media arm from its domain services business.

ESPN Is Now Targeting You Via Online Radio

As part of a companywide effort to up its digital ad game, ESPN is looking to innovate in an area often shunned by tech advancements: radio. 

Huffington Post Loses Executive Editor Tim O’Brien

Arianna's right hand is out at The Huffington Post.

YouTube Phenoms Raise Record Cash

If you're a casual browser of the Web, or just a TV-first person, you might not be paying close attention to the torrent of original video content floating around YouTube. For brands, however, the throngs of madly devoted YouTube subscribers are becoming harder to ignore.

State of the Union: One Huge Online Branding War

It's become standard practice during widely broadcasted social events (especially political ones) for interested persons and groups to wage a quiet social media war to grab real estate in front of an already captive audience and try to ignite that elusive viral spark.

Reuters Snatches Up Ex-NYT Editor Jim Roberts

Reuters has hired former New York Times managing editor Jim Roberts as executive editor of Reuters digital, per a company memo from Reuters digital editor Chrystia Freeland to staff this afternoon.