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    Ad of the Day: Synovus Celebrates Those Who Choose to Stay Put

    Brand Marketing

    It's a bit of a tough sell, trying to position one of the nation's largest regional banks as the kind of small-town neighbor that knows everyone's name. Luckily, with Synovus bank as a client, agency Fitzgerald & Co had almost a blank slate to start from. According Jeff Quick, Fitzgerald's vp, account director, "Our research indicated 60 percent of current Synovus customers didn't know that they actually banked with Synovus."

    Operating under 28 names across the Southeast, Synovus had a two-fold mission for its first brand campaign—increase awareness of the Synovus brand among current and prospective customers and create a connection between Synovus and the local bank brands. The result is called the "Bank of Here," and Noel Cottrell, Fitzgerald's CCO, says the spots are meant to "differentiate Synovus from regional competitors by emphasizing strong ties within local communities, while also highlighting a range of larger capabilities to serve customer needs."

    To distinguish the ads from competitors' cheery spots, the campaign takes a somber, filmic approach. The first ad, which ran in April during the Masters golf tournament, was dark and impressionistic, a compilation of brief vignettes accompanying a stream-of-consciousness voiceover playing on the word "Here."

    "Here's to here. To this place where we are. It's not there. It's here. Here just feels right. Come here. I'm here for you. Here we go."

    The second in the series, "Rebel Teen," retains the darker palette, yet has a much stronger narrative arc and includes an optimistic twist: A sullen teen in a hoodie trudges through his rain-soaked hometown foreseeing his own future—his marriage, his job, his family, and says, "The first chance I get, I swear … I'm going to stay right here."

    The "Rebel Teen" spot will run the week of June 30 on ESPN during the World Cup.

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