Catharine P. Taylor

Tori’s having a Tupperware party

We know times are tough for Tori Spelling, but who among us really thinks she’s used—or will ever use—Tupperware? Well, except for one day next week, when the company known […]

Botox wants to show us some emotion

So, this is a little weird … in its next campaign, Botox is actually going to confront the belief many people have that people who use it look like emotionless […]

What is this Super Bowl YouTube promo?

Frankly, we’ve no earthly idea what exactly YouTube is up to with this Super Bowl advertising promotion they’ve been trumpeting all week. As the logo says, this site is promising […]

‘Nightly News’ kicks around Restless Legs

Fortunately, I don’t spend much time thinking about Restless Legs Syndrome, except when I see ads for its prescription cure, Requip, during the NBC Nightly News. So, I was intrigued […]

M&M’s are a complete waste of time

Yeah, like I don’t have better things to do than play with M&M’s new Character Creator, which, as the name implies, allows people to make their own M&M characters. I […]

Are Canadians getting enough sex?

Are Canadian creatives (or maybe Canadians in general) really horny? That’s one conclusion you could draw not only from Montreal tourism campaign we wrote about last April but also this […]

Reggie Bush likes to eat footballs

This spot has been making the rounds online for the last week or so, reminding people to donate to the World Food Program’s U.S. division. It shows Reggie Bush preparing […]

Snickers teaser ad doesn’t really satisfy

Seems everyone has to have their own angle on how to integrate the Internet into their Super Bowl advertising these days. Snickers has gone for the time-tested “cliffhanger” approach by […]

Are Mini’s billboards a bit too personal?

OK, this new digital billboard idea is just plain creepy, but in a different way than that awful Orville Redenbacher spot. If you haven’t read the Times this morning, here’s […]

Pop goes this guerrilla campaign

This campaign certainly puts the “G” in guerrilla, since it requires people to put balloons on the tailpipes of cars. Engineered by a German environmental group, the campaign depends on […]