Carl Diorio

Writers Could Return by Wednesday

LOS ANGELES Hollywood scribes have written a multi-part denouement for the industry’s epic labor saga. Industry professionals could get back to work soon, but the Writers Guild of America is […]

WGA Members to Meet for Strike Update

LOS ANGELES This weekend looms large for those seeking signs of when the three-month writers’ strike will wind to a close. The WGA West has set a membership meeting for […]

WGA, Studios Frame a Deal

NEW YORK Clear progress has been marked in informal contract talks between studio execs and striking writers, stoking broad expectations that a tentative agreement may be announced sometime this week. […]

WGA Drops Reality Demands

LOS ANGELES The Writers Guild of America’s demands for reality TV and animation jurisdiction are officially off the table. The WGA said so Tuesday in confirming its informal talks with […]

Script in Rewrite for WGA

NEW YORK Representatives of Hollywood writers and the major studios enter this week sharing a single resolve: once more, with feeling. The Writers Guild of America will hold informal talks […]

Toll From WGA Strike Grows

LOS ANGELES The Writers Guild of America strike will cost the regional economy $220 million in damages each month it continues, an economic group projected Wednesday.The Los Angeles County Economic […]

Writers’ Strike Heats Up

LOS ANGELES The main trade group representing Hollywood producers railed against the economic impact of the writers’ strike action, which entered its seventh week.“The below-the-line workers whose families depend entirely […]

Stalled Strike Talks Imperil Pilots

LOS ANGELES The TV pilot season has been thrown into real jeopardy by a major breakdown in contract talks between the WGA and studio reps.The Writers Guild of America strike […]

Rancor Increases in WGA Strike

LOS ANGELES After several days of negotiations between Hollywood writers and producers, during which time hopes were raised that the writers’ strike might end before the holidays, both sides once […]

WGA, Studios Make Progress

LOS ANGELES Strange but true: The Writers Guild of America and studio reps have notched back-to-back negotiating sessions marked by productive exchanges geared toward sealing a new contract and ending […]