Brian Morrissey

Would Times Square be better without ads?

Filmmaker and corporate provocateur Morgan Spurlock has teamed with The Barbarian Group in an effort to crowdsource away the ads in New York's Times Square. The inspiration for this was […]

Enjoy Twitter ad links without all the Twitter

A common and persuasive argument against Twitter is: "Who has the time?" It's true that Twitter can be a rabbit hole that sucks up big chunks of a day. On […]

Google brings world’s great artworks to you

Google sure is currying favor with creative agencies lately. It has gotten many shops to do projects showing off its vast array of products and technologies. The latest is a […]

IAB Elects IDG’s Bob Carrigan as Chair

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is in the midst of a leadership overhaul. Its board of directors has elected a new chairman, IDG Communications CEO Bob Carrigan, while it continues a […]

Wieden gets unpredictable for Honda’s Jazz

Car commercials can be desultory affairs, stuffed with specs and the inevitable shots of a car wending its way down a serpentine road in the mountains. You have to hand […]

Dentsu Buys Firstborn

Dentsu continued its move to bolster its U.S. assets with the purchase of New York digital production shop Firstborn. Thirteen-year-old Firstborn is known as a specialist in Web animation and […]

A $15K Super Bowl Play

Unlike many Super Bowl marketers, Richard Belfry isn’t worried about his investment in the game. That’s because Fox rejected his ad for, which sells satirical T-shirts and novelty items […]

Groupon’s Super Bowl Gamble

Groupon isn’t scared of going big. The Chicago-based daily deals juggernaut spurned Google’s $6 billion acquisition offer last month and closed nearly $1 billion in funding. Now it’s kicking off […]

Alex Bogusky set to invent a new capitalism

Alex Bogusky is putting meat on the bones of his plan to spark a consumer revolution. Along with collaborators Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg, he has unveiled nothing less than […]

Taco Bell response to beef lawsuit: sarcasm

Taco Bell wasted no time in hitting back against a lawsuit about what’s in its ground beef. Taco Bell parent Yum! Brands took out print ads today in The New […]