Brian Honigman

6 Ways Brands Can Rock Pinterest

Pinterest was one of the most heavily trafficked social media networks of 2011, which was surprising to many because its rise to success was a quiet one. Pinterest is a […]

10 Best Practices For Alcohol Brands On Facebook

Drinking alcohol is one of the most social activities people partake in. Therefore, it's ideal for alcohol brands to have a significant presence on Facebook and other social networks. This way, these brands can partake, monitor, and start conversations about the various drinks they offer.

How 4 Apparel Brands Make Shopping Cool On Facebook

A few urban clothing brands do it better than others when it comes to Facebook. Here's a look at the strategies that make the following four apparel pages pop.

10 Best Social Plugins for WordPress

Although Tumblr has overtaken WordPress for having more blogs on the web, many websites choose WordPress for its unmatchable usability, customizable layouts and outright professional feel. One of the many […]

How To Manage Your Facebook Page From Your IPhone

Yes, you can manage a Facebook page from a smartphone, to some extent. Here's how to do it with an iPhone.

How Twitter As Earned Media Affects Paid Media

This is a guest post from Brian Honigman. Brian is a Social Media Account Manager at LunaMetrics. Twitter has grown dramatically over the last couple of years and the complete impact of […]

Google Social Tracking Still Missing Key Facebook Metrics

With the launch of Google Plus, Google decided it was time to add tracking of its +1 button and other metrics across Facebook and Twitter. But a full set of social media data -- especially as it relates to return on investment -- doesn't show up completely in Google Analytics, despite promises to that effect.

How Holidays Can Increase Facebook Fan Engagement

Incorporating upcoming holidays into your Facebook strategy is one of the easiest and statistically significant ways to increase engagement across the board.