Brian Carter

Facebook Advertisers Shun Sponsored Stories: Report

Sponsored stories are still not being used by 55 percent of advertisers on Facebook, according to a recent study by social media marketing outfit Social Fresh.

STUDY: Facebook Timeline Doesn't Affect Engagement

A new study by EdgeRank Checker has found that timeline does not affect fan engagement, going against recent reports that made it sound as if timeline might be able to dramatically improve Facebook page engagement.

WARNING: Facebook Events Can Link To Viruses!

If you see a tempting link on Facebook, look at the address before clicking on it. Beware of anything containing the characters /app_

The Top 3 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Right Now

What are the biggest mistakes people are making in Facebook marketing right now?

Fan Gates Irrelevant; So How Do I Get Facebook Fans?

A stunning change with the new Facebook timeline is that you can no longer have a landing page or welcome tab for your business page.

Why Aren't Facebook Insights Working?

PageLever created a new site called to give you the latest.

How To Get More Likes And Comments On Facebook

Here's an excerpt from chapter 11 of The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook.

UH, OH! Facebook Pages Only Reach 17% Of Fans

To optimize for GraphRank and get your posts to show up in your fans' news feed, you have to get more likes and comments every time you post.

Could Facebook Open Graph Actions Rocket Your Business Into Another Dimension?

Could open graph actions rocket your business into another dimension? It's hard to know, because it's so new that we don't even know how to think about it.

INFOGRAPHIC: Generation Y, Employment And Facebook

Young people are using Facebook for personal over professional reasons, yet they are friending their coworkers.