B.J. Mendelson

On Conan, Patton Oswalt Shows Us How To Actually Troll A TED Talk

On Conan, Patton Oswalt shows comedian Sam Hyde how to actually troll a TED event.

The Struggle Over Google+’s Relevance Continues

The struggle continues over the relevance of Google+ and whether or not you should use it. And the new data on the platform isn't so flattering ...

[Viral Video] The Walking Dead Gets The Honest Movie Trailer Treatment

The Walking Dead gets the "Honest Trailers" treatment from Screen Junkies, and just for fun, there's a bonus rant in here about why the show matters to us here at SocialTimes.

Why Are You So Bad At Public Relations? (And What You Can Do About It)

Everyone good use a little PR advice every now and again, but man do some people need a lot more than others ...

Next Time You Register A Domain Name, You Might Want To Consider .Info

Did you know .info is the fourth most popular domain in the United States? It is, so you better grab it.

Want To Be Awesome At Your Job? Exercise

What does Richard Simmons have to do with making you awesome at your job? EVERYTHING.

[Viral Video] “Don’t Tweet It Because It Sucks”: An Awesome No Doubt Parody

Comedian and YouTube celebrity, Franchesca Ramsey, takes on your horrible Twitter habits in this awesome No Doubt parody.

Telling Someone To “Make Good Content” Is Really Bad Advice

Why is telling someone to "make good content" really bad advice? And if it is bad advice, how do you get traffic to your website? Find out here!

Tucker Max: “The Effectiveness Of Mass Media Has Utterly Collapsed”

In part one of a six-part series, Tucker Max explains how crowdfunding will change everything.

Chewing Popcorn Found To Render Advertising Powerless

Chewing popcorn can make you immune to the effects of advertising, just make sure you chew like an animal.