B.J. Mendelson

[Viral Video] Watch Old People React To Old Spice’s Weird, Weird, Commercials

YouTube's Fine Brothers are back in today's viral video featuring old people watching those allegedly viral Old Spice commercials for the first time.

In Rant About 3D Movies, Stan Lee Says What We’re All Thinking About Inbound Marketing

In a rant about 3D movies, the creator of Spider-Man hits on something we're all thinking when it comes to "inbound marketing".

Your Brain Is A Dirty, Filthy Place. But Don’t Worry, Sleep Will Fix It

Want to be more effective at work? Turns out that your brain might make stuff that prevents you from being awesome. Here's how to fix it.

Brazilian PlayStation 4 To Cost Slightly Less Than Your Soul

In Brazil, PlayStation 4s are starting at $1,850 or slightly less than what must souls cost to purchase on Craigslist.

You Need To Stop Writing Bad Guest Posts

Google's Hummingbird algorithm change is bad news for guest posts, but SocialTimes Editor B.J. Mendelson has some advice to help you weather the storm.

[Viral Video] Batman, Like The Rest Of Us, Thinks Superman Is Boring

In today's (Not Safe For Work) viral video, Batman is approached by Superman to form a team. Batman proceeds to be a jerk about it.

The Empire Strikes Back May End On A Down Note, But Its Movie Trailer Is Still Awesome

Behold! The movie trailer for the only good Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Ryback Is Totally Right About The Internet

Although he said it to troll his audience, what WWE's Ryback has to say about the Internet is very profound.

How Not To Promote Your New Book On LinkedIn

B.J. Mendelson got a pitch to help promote a book from a person he's never actually talked to on LinkedIn. Here's what happened next ...

[Viral Video] Game Of Thrones Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

Game of Thrones gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment in today's viral video.