Azam Khan

Madvertise Raises $10 million To Secure European Mobile Ad Market

European mobile ad powerhouse, Madvertise, completed its Series B financing yesterday, raising a combined $10 million to date. With this new round of investment, they intend to solidify their grasp on the European mobile ad market. This round of funding was led by Germany's Earlybird, who significantly increased their initial investment, and the Silicon Valley-based newcomer, Blumberg Capital. More after the jump.

Is The Majority of Social Gaming Revenue Coming From Outside Facebook? Report Says Yes.

Just a year ago when people mentioned social games, thoughts of Facebook shuddered the mind. Fast forward today, Viximo's latest report entitled 'Beyond Facebook' claims that all the other social networks, that comprise 70 percent of social networking traffic in the world, bring in more gaming revenue combined.

wooga Launches Magic Land Island on Mobile With Facebook Support

Facebook's mobile announcement is spawning an army of games with Facebook tie-ins. Social gaming company Wooga is leaping into the HTML5 frenzy by launching its first mobile game Magic Land Island that can be accessed on almost any device. More after the jump.

Storm8’s Blockbuster Titles Launch On Facebook Mobile Apps

Storm8, one of the premier mobile game developers for iPhone and Android has just launched 3 of its popular mobile titles with Facebook connectivity. This announcement comes in lieu of Facebook's recent announcement to support third party mobile apps with its social infrastructure from within its own mobile apps.

Zynga Direct Launches for Easier Access to Zynga’s Social Games

The Facebook tidal wave seems to be unleashing across the social gaming ecosphere. The latest extension of Facebook's social connectedness comes from none other than Zynga itself which today unveiled Zynga Direct, an extension of its ZLive platform that will serve as a new discovery and distribution channel for the social gaming powerhouse. More after the jump.

Fruit Ninja Sequel Based On Puss In Boots Theme Launching October 20

Casual games with movie tie-ins don't tend to fare so well but the landscape is changing We've seen Angry Birds make a debut with a movie tie-in called Angry Birds Rio that's done quite well for itself and the movie it promotes. The latest news to come from the movie tie-in gaming space is Halfbrick's announcement of Fruit Ninja based on Puss in Boots.

The Inner Workings of Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges

Every publisher knows ads are a known way to monetize their users as long as there are eye balls coming in. This post looks at the digital ad space and what you should be aware of when trying to understand the space.

Everloop Reveals First-Ever Moderated SMS for Kids

Everloop, the innovative social media site designed for tweens, has just expanded their notorious onlinesafety and moderation to mobile devices. The feature, dubbed 'EverText', is the first ever real-timemoderated SMS for kids, as it gives parents the ability to keep a watchful eye on their kid's mobile conversations.

Sony Taps RockYou for Zookeeper Social Game Promotion

Social Game publisher, RockYou, has joined forces with Sony Home Entertainment to incorporate the hit movie, Zookeeper into the popular social game Zoo World 2. The promotion includes favorite characters from the film found in-game, Zookeeper-themed activities to complete, and special edition animals to buy. If that wasn't enough, fans who purchase the DVD will receive 12,500 free Zoo Bucks($10 value) to spend in Zoo World 2.

Volume11Media CEO Shares Secret To Monetizing Free Users

We know that 0.5% of players statistically account for 75% of a game’s revenue, but is that the upper limit of game monetization? It doesn’t have to be if you adopt casino management techniques for your game portfolio.