Avi Dan

Why Advertising Is Different Today

Wells, Rich, Greene. Scali, McCabe, Sloves. Ally & Gargano. Ammirati & Puris. Levine, Huntley, Schmidt & Beaver. RIP. These were some of the hottest creative shops of the ’70s and […]

What Happened to the Madness?

If he joined the business today, what would Don Draper, the brilliant creative director of the fictional ad agency Sterling Cooper in the show Mad Men, do? Chances are, if […]

Art & Commerce: The Age of Blandness

Michael Deaver, who passed away last month, was my hero. Deaver was a member of the famous “holy trinity”—along with Jim Baker and Ed Meese—who ruled the Reagan White House. […]

A Cue From Hollywood

Hollywood’s legendary studio system has been in ruins for longer than it existed, so long that many people are unfamiliar with why it collapsed in the first place. Here’s why […]

Rebuilding The Bridge

This summer witnessed the most new-business activity ever. Stability in client-agency relationships? Many clients think nothing of going through an agency every two or three years. Some changes are justified, […]