Antony Young

Making New Biz Pitches Nearly Painless

I’ve participated in a zillion agency pitches over the course of my career. All have been on the side of the pitcher, rather than the pitchee. Does that make me […]

Haggling Through This Year’s Upfronts

Fictitious telephone conversations made in late June: ABC: We’re writing business at -1 percent. Me: NBC just closed with Agency X at -10 percent. How can you be at -1 […]

Simon Says

OK, so you know the drill. Young American Idol hopefuls perform at various auditions or stages of the competition where the judges Randy, Paula, Kara — and of course the […]

TV Upfronts: Alive and Well

It’s that time of year … magnolia trees begin to blossom, another Yankees season starts, spring wardrobes come out of hiding and, oh yes, that other annual ritual we passionately […]

Art & Commerce: The Power Of Choice

The temptation among marketers to try to do too much is lowering advertising’s success rate. Indeed, Copernicus, the Waltham, Mass.-based consulting firm, found that 84 percent of consumer and b-to-b […]