Anna Rohleder

Twitch Responds to User Backlash

For people who watch live-stream gaming for hours at a time, music is a lot more than just a soundtrack.

Why Aren’t Americans Ready to Go .GLOBAL?

Americans aren't keen to venture out of familiar .com territory. A recent study found that U.S. marketing professionals are the least aware and accepting of the new generic top-level domains that started rolling out this year.

My Goodness, a Blonde Guinness!

Like so many foreigners before it, Ireland’s most famous beer brand is hoping that an all-American look will make it more popular in the U.S.Guinness will debut a Blonde American lager in September, according to Businessweek.

Do Mobile Shopping Apps Dupe Consumers?

It’s "caveat emptor" in the app store, according to the Federal Trade Commission.The U.S. consumer watchdog agency said that while most mobile shopping apps make it easy for consumers to buy stuff, they make it difficult for consumers to understand what happens with their personal data or credit card information afterward.