Ann M. Mack

IQ News: NBCi Signs 3-Tier Deal To Plug ePod Showcase

EPod Corp., New York, an e-commerce company that provides retailers and advertisers with a new way to merchandise products on the Web, today announced an alliance with NBC Internet, also […]

IQ News: Y&R and eMotion Create Global Brand Manager

Young & Rubicam, New York, announced today that it will turn over Y&R TeamSpace, its Web-based brand-management technology, to eMotion, a Vienna, Va.-based digital media-management company, for an undisclosed equity […]

IQ News: Web Advertisers Support Sites After Hack Attacks

After a three-day assault by hackers on several leading Web sites early this month, advertisers united behind the affected e-companies, reconfirming the staying power of the Internet. Displaying unfaltering confidence […]

IQ News: Study: CPM Rates Drop As More Sites Seek Ads

As the number of Web sites seeking advertising continued to grow in 1999, CPM rates declined, reaching a temporary plateau. According to an online advertising report issued by AdKnowledge, a […]