Andrew Mayer

The Ten Most Significant Social Games of 2009

It’s been a big year for social games as the category has exploded in popularity by orders of magnitude, going from a fad to a revolution that may well change […]

Are You Making Your Social Games Wide or Deep?

Cloning games has been a standard practice in the industry ever since Munch-Man started nibbling at Pac-Man’s power pills. But in the world of social, where the simple game dynamics, […]

Social Games Are a Constant Deployment Environment

You're releasing constantly, and with every new version you can be absolutely sure that 100% your users are working on the same version of the software. You can even release a games "sequel" simply as another update.For developers who are coming from the web side this may seem like business as usual, but for those of us coming from "traditional" game development this is a fundamental shift. And at first it seems like a dream come true, but there also isn't a developer I'm speaking with who doesn't have a list of fixes, updates, and features that's far, far out ahead of the actual production time that they have to do the work in.

The Call to Action is a Simple Way to Increase Engagement in Social Games

No matter how well crafted your design or polished your graphics, at some point your user is going to get lost. A clear Call to Action is a way to give your the user an obvious choice when they don't know what to do next. When done properly it can be the lighthouse in a storm, leading them to calmer, and hopefully more entertaining, waters.

Making Games Better Doesn’t Always Make Them Good

It sounds a little strange when I say it out loud, but I’m not sure I’m totally happy about the current drive towards “quality” that I see happening with social […]

Social Optimism

I’ve taken a few laps around the gaming industry block, and during that time I’ve seen many, many “next big things”. Whether it was Multimedia, add-on gadgets, phantom machines actually […]

Shopping is When Monetization Feels Good

This was originally presented as a speech to the Social Games Meetup on February 24th When it comes to making money on your games one thing that can easily gets […]

Your Game is a Service Business

When I was a kid my Dad was a wholesale travel agent. That meant that it was his job to travel around the world and find locations and services that […]

Successful Social Games Are All About Status

It’s a little shocking to see how quickly Social Platform Games seem to be trying to travel up the gameplay ladder to inherit all the problems and pitfalls of the […]

Social Games Aren’t All About Great Gameplay

Back at the turn of the century, when just the idea of 3D games was still pretty awesome, something more fundamental was occurring. Still reeling from the dark years of […]