Amy Summers

Teen Facebook Marriages — Congenial or Concerning?

“Guess what, guys?” one of my friends said last week as they made their way into the circle of our group. “We’re married!” he said with a laugh, grabbing the […]

Facebook Addiction Disorder — The 6 Symptoms of F.A.D.

“Okay, I admit it. I am truly addicted to Facebook,” said teenage blogger Heidi Barry-Rodriquez in 2007. In 2009, teen Neeka Salmasi described the social networking giant as being “like an addiction”. This year, a casino site mentioned that “Facebook provides the atmosphere where it is tough to walk away” in a direct comparison to gambling addiction. A quick web search and it becomes appallingly evident that we have a problem.

A Teen Speaks: The Pros and Cons of Facebook

Everything in the world has good and bad aspects, and that can definitely be said as true for the phenomenon that is Facebook. So now to the real question: is Facebook a valuable communication platform beneficial to all its users, or merely a time waster that has caused more headaches than happiness?

A Teen Speaks: Real Friends Versus Facebook Friends

Friend: it's a term flung around loosely in this day and age, especially among teenagers. It is used to desccribe the people on Facebook, even though some of them we don't even talk to in real life. Are we using this word too flippantly?

A Teen Speaks: Do We Even Want To See Who's Looking At Our Facebook Pages?

It's one of the reasons why the social networking craze has reached mega proportions, modern teenagers would be lost without it and it is arguably the most beloved pastime of today's youth. It, my friends, is online stalking.

A Teen Speaks: Is Social Networking Damaging Our Social Skills?

Social networking has taken over the world in a way that nobody could have possibly predicted, but if the majority of teenagers resort to talking about talking, even if it is online communication, something's gone seriously wrong. Is this really what the world has come to?

A Teen Speaks: Has Facebook Changed the Dating World?

In a society that is driven by gadgets, money and social networking sites, it is no wonder that Facebook has become a part of everyday life. But using these sites to date over the internet? Is that really what the world has come to?

A Teen Speaks: Why Has Facebook Become Such A Huge Part Of My Life?

Today, it seems that Facebook’s pace of growth is inextricably tied to the growth of technology as a whole. The social networking site has over 500 million active users and […]

Is Social Networking More Dangerous to Teens Than "Stranger Danger"?

The biggest concern for parents used to be the strange, old man hanging around outside the ice-creamery. Now, with instant access to stranger worldwide, stranger danger has taken on a whole new meaning.

A Teen Speaks: Is Facebook Stealing The True Meaning of Christmas from Today's Teens?

Facebook has become a part of everyday life, especially for teenagers, and can be a great form of communication. But are young people spending too much time on the social networking program if they can't even spend Christmas Day without it?