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A Teen Speaks-When did it become acceptable to post drunk antics on Facebook?

A bad photo posted, an inappropriate message sent, a status containing enough spelling/grammar errors to bring my high school English teacher to tears; we’ve all been there during a big […]

A Teen Speaks: 10 Days Without Facebook

Recently, I returned from spending ten days overseas. During this time, I had no internet, no phone reception and at times, no electricity, meaning that yes (shudder), I was without unlimited access to Facebook. And guess what? This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I survived! Quite happily, I might add.

A Teen Speaks: What does your profile picture really say about you?

Choosing a profile picture is no easy task. We want something that actually represents us as people, right? I mean, just because you like your new kitten doesn’t mean you’d make your profile pic one of it, or even one of you two together. In fact, definitely not one of you and a cat; people will probably think that you’ll grow up to be a crazy cat woman, if you’re not one already. Unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for.

A Teen Speaks: ‘Keyboard Warriors’ and How to Deal With Them

The next time you have an issue or something confronting to say to someone, do yourself a favor and say it to their face. I promise it will be more effective, even if the method is like, so ancient.

A Teen Speaks: How Accurate Are Our Online Profiles?

My uncle uses online dating sites and us nieces are always the first to bombard him with questions, wanting all the juicy details. After his last date, the first thing he said was “she didn’t even look like her photo!” This made me think about all of our online profiles and how my uncle actually had a point (even if he is 33 going on 18). This is often the case when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other website that requires us to provide a profile or display picture. We choose a picture that reflects us in the best way possible. Even more than that, we choose to display only information that presents us in the way we want to be presented.

A Teen Speaks: The Internet Lacks a Delete Button

There are some things that just shouldn’t be shared online. Surely love is something too personal to be posted alongside ‘Bad Luck Brian’ posts and Taylor Swift goat videos. Austin Carr’s interview on May 6 with Google’s Eric Schmidt brings up an interesting point: the Internet lacks a delete button. Data is constantly being collected about us online and, should we continue to use the Internet, there’s not much we can do about it. I believe that this only reinforces my belief that we should all be extremely cautious about the things we post on the net.

A Teen Speaks – Why Students Love to Use Facebook at School

The key to Facebook’s popularity is its ease of use. It makes communicating easy. We can easily share thoughts, ideas and photos with all of our friends and family members, wherever we are and, more importantly, whenever we need to. The same goes when it comes to schoolwork. I have personally used the social media site for my studies in both high school and university.

A Teen Speaks: Are Parents Driving Teens to Facebook Alternatives?

Teenagers aren’t the only ones who have flocked to Facebook. The generation before us, our parents, have also turned to the social media great for communication, games and, of course, a bit of online stalking. With easy access to all of these things in one place, it is no surprise that our parents have joined the site; after all, they are people too. However, one question remains: is Facebook big enough for all of us?

A Teen Speaks: Friends, Foes and Facebook

The meaning of the term "friend" has changed. On Facebook, we are almost as intimate with our enemies as we are our friends. We share statuses, photos and check-ins. We observe comments and tags and passing thoughts. We ultimately keep track of their day-to-day life in the same manner as we keep up-to-date with the lives of our friends, at least to the extent of our Facebook interactions. The only difference is we can’t comment on their photos or statuses or check-ins because nobody wants to be accused of Facebook stalking!

A Teen Speaks: Should a Mother Use Wall Posts to Defend Her Child From Facebook Bullies?

Are mothers the biggest keyboard warriors? A recent Facebook incident has me thinking that they just might be. There’s no denying that a child’s number one ally is their mother, […]