Alissa Walker

American Craft Crafts a New Website

Awhile back we hinted at the relaunch of American Craft, a 67-year-old magazine that found new life in the hands of editor Andrew Wagner and creative director Jeanette Abbink, who […]

Dude. Sweet! Dude. Sweet! Dude. Sweet!

A long overdue exhibition “Sweet: The Graphic Beauty of the Contemporary Rock Poster” opens next month and heaven help us if we can’t get to Maryland to see it. The […]

Heller, Ewen and Jeys Find Out “Where the Truth Lies”

With a clever wink and a nod to its ultra-timeliness during this election year, “Where the Truth Lies: A Symposium on Propaganda Today” is an all-day conference on February 15 […]

Archinect Travels and Takes Us Along for the Ride

Last year, Archinect editor Marlin Watson, a self-described “disillusioned architect,” embarked on a cross-country road trip with a video camera to find out what we talk about when we talk […]

You’ve Got One Month to Live. What Are You Ordering From Moss?

Design junkies currently attending the Sundance Film Festival have a movie that’s made specifically for their style-stashing nature, The Guitar, a film that premiered over the weekend: “One morning, “mouse-burger” […]

How to Locate the Vampires Walkin’ Through the Valley: Move West Down Ventura Boulevard

If there’s one thing we love about being trapped here in our visual culture bubble, it’s looking at maps. Oh, how we love the informational yet directional nature of maps! […]

Milton Glaser, Pixar Star?

When Ratatouille received an Oscar nomination for best animated picture this morning, we remembered an interesting yet unconfirmed rumor embedded very deep in our brains. We heard that when the […]

Post-Compostmodern: Now What?

We’d be lying to you, dear readers, if we didn’t admit that before this weekend’s Compostmodern conference, we were in a very bad place. Maybe it’s just the typical occupational […]

Adam Werbach: Make Sustainability “Irresistible”

Adam Werbach opens the closing keynote of Compostmodern by saying something very simple. We need leaders. We need leaders and you are in the sweet spot. Designers need to exercise […]

Valerie Casey Introduces the Designers Accord

Jessie Scanlon‘s article sets it up perfectly. Valerie Casey (who used to be at frog, now at IDEO) was on her third cross-country flight that month and had just seen […]