Alissa Walker

What Would Craft Not Publish?

Ever-vigilant Rob Walker has published a piece killed by Craft after the magazine claimed it might be seen as “anti-religious.” Anti-religious crafts have always been fascinating to us, so we […]

Sign Spinning: Good Advertising For Bad Architecture

Somewhere between breakdancing and the inflatable arms that flap over car dealerships are “sign spinners,” those people who artfully twirl cardboard arrows emblazoned with real estate deals far too close […]

Paula Scher Says Get Rid of ‘America’ and Ditch the “Star Spangled Banner,” But Keep the Flag

Seeing as we just now got through the first, year-old, 3,400-page issue of Monocle, we realized there’s no way we’ll be able to catch up with the articles we want […]

Target Gets Kicked In the Crotch By “Non-Traditional Media Outlets”

Four out of five people in our official UnBeige survey didn’t get worked up when shown Target’s now-famous spread eagle ad in Times Square. “It’s obvious to me she’s doing […]

“California Video” Opens at the Getty on March 15

A few months back we were invited to a splendid lunch at that 10-year-old white castle in the sky where we learned of, among other things, the first major survey […]

Ode to Moveable Type

When we said that the NYT Building installation Moveable Type was like poetry, we were dead serious, but that doesn’t even come close to how witty, how poignant, Gray Lady […]

Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen’s Installation at the New York Times Building Moves Us

The idea to siphon the words and images from the New York Times’ 156-year archive onto 560 small screens at the paper’s new Renzo Piano headquarters seems like an innocent, […]

Layer Tennis Finals: Be There!

It’s hard to believe, but the Layer Tennis season has come to an end, just as abruptly as it began. We look back upon the last few months now with […]

Hello? You’re, Uh, Talking Into a Hamburger?

We can always rely on Murketing‘s Rob Walker to alert us to the world’s most pressing news when it comes to design and marketing. In this case, the sudden proliferation […]

Finally! Emigre Becomes a Blog! Kinda. Not Really. No, Not at All.

When Emigre went bye-bye, we cursed, we cried, we accepted that anything in print that good would never find its way online again. But what to our wondering eyes should […]