Alan Gottesman

Art & Commerce: Full Stream Ahead

At least 10,000 people flocked to Streaming Media East 2000 recently, a conference and exhibition aimed at folks laboring to make computers sing and dance with audio and video. Audio’s […]

Art & Commerce: Natural Limits

Advertising-agency stocks are not especially hot; they never have been. But the industry is becoming a creature of the stock market, with obvious effect on the big public companies. It […]

Art & Commerce: First Look

The last person to cover the advertising sector at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette got promoted to research director, leaving the stocks in analytic limbo. A couple of weeks ago, however, […]

Art & Commerce: Drivers Wanted

With money flooding into adland from the dot.coms, one might forget who the industry’s largest customer is. It’s the car guys–chipping in one out of every $8 spent on advertising. […]


Mergers. Over the past few years, couplings between and among marketing services companies have come fast and furious. The result? A significant increase in the industry’s “concentration” and a larger […]

Art & Commerce – Beware: Converging marketing services companies

Things That Go Bump Almost all of the big agency holding companies have strategies designed to win a greater share of their clients’ total marketing outlays. That’s a big reason […]

Art & Commerce: Growth Industry

For a dozen years, the investment-banking boutique Veronis, Suhler & Associates has updated its Forecast, an encyclopedia of the history and outlook for a broad swath of advertising and media. […]

Art & Commerce: Bait and Switch

As dot.coms pour money into advertising, traditional advertisers look below the line The companies are learning about the “mousetrap fallacy.” Conventional wisdom holds that if you build a better […]

Art & Commerce: Streetwise

Riding a hot economy, advertising stocks are putting big numbers on the board The ad business dances to the same rhythm as school. The year starts in early September, rushes […]

Art & Commerce

Chutzpah Yellow Pages advertising was a $12 billion business in the U.S. last year. Certain telephone companies, in their role as directory publishers, are among the largest media companies in […]