Alan Gottesman

The Big Picture

Report Cards are out, and the Monday-morning quarterbacking has probably begun. Here’s how it all came together: Total U.S. advertising grew between 8 percent (per Zenith Media) and 10 percent […]

Here We Go Again

True North and its predecessor, Foote, Cone & Belding, have a history of finding land mines where competitors haven’t even found a minefield; its litigious relationship with France’s Publicis comes […]

Upfront Strategy

Here’s a sure sign of spring: The ad industry has begun talking about the next episode of network TV’s upfront sales bazaar. It’s a market unlike any other. A small […]

Upward Bias

Some investors worried that, with the dot-com implosion, the ad industry, which was only too happy to rake in the money from the Internet wizards and their financial backers, would […]

Reversal of Fortune

Call it the millennial bust. None of the “major” agency stocks ended 2000 higher in price than it started the year. True North came close, within 34 cents, but failed […]


DaimlerChrysler’s decision to consolidate its advertising at one shop brought several matters of fundamental investor concern into the spotlight. The most misunderstood, and one that merits a separate examination, is […]

Radio Waves

Radio stocks have taken a serious beating this year. Clear Channel Communications, the pre-eminent radio “play,” is near the bottom of its 52-week price range, recently around $45 per share, […]

In the ad sector, anticipating consolidation can be profitableTrue Opportunity

Why have ad-agency shares underperformed the stock market this year? Yes, the market has not set the world ablaze since the turn of the century, but:• The ad companies are […]

Hot Topic

Ask the New York Fire Depart ment. Approximately 1,200 people can fit safely into the Imperial Ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel. About half that number attended a panel discussion on […]

Art & Commerce: Market Moves

Wall Street batters Madison Avenue in the first half of 2000 The stock market has been rather ungenerous so far this year, with the Dow Jones off about 6 percent […]