Alan Gottesman

Trial Period

The MediaPort venture, put on ice two weeks ago, accomplished at least one notable feat: It got advertising’s three dominant players—Interpublic, Omni com and WPP—to invest in and work cooperatively […]

Last Hurrah?

The ad industry pulses to the same rhythm as the school year. It starts in September, building to a peak just before Christmas. Then, nothing. Signs of life return in […]

Beating the Odds

Investing in advertising stocks 10 years ago required courage. Then, as now, the U.S. economy and others around the world were in a recession. The ad industry, which hadn’t seen […]

Number Crunching

Financial reporting season has begun. WPP, Omnicom and Publicis have revealed their fiscal 2001 results in the last two weeks; Interpublic, Grey and Havas will soon do the same. It’s […]

No Gain, No Pain

If memory serves, the last time the U.S. economy went into recession, taking the ad industry with it, the pace of account turnover quickened. Some clients sought to blame advertising […]

Growing Up

Where have all the dealers gone? The long-term annual growth rate of U.S. advertising is about 6 percent. For the major holding companies committed to showing above-trend growth in order to […]

A Deeper Funk

T he shock waves from the horror of Sept. 11 are all but certainly pushing the U.S. economy into recession. The advertising industry, which has been steadily relearning its economic-adversity […]

We Aren’t the World

Zenith media calculates that companies spent $1.46 per person per day advertising to Americans last year. Given that money in cash, we might not have needed the tax rebate. The […]

Growing Pains

The surviving handful of publicly owned agency-based companies have all now published their annual reports. As in most years, WPP’s is the most expansive and provocative. Perhaps CEO stands for […]

Coping With Crisis

The last time the word “sluggish” stuck to the U.S. ad business was 10 years ago. True, good things have happened since then, but ironically, that very progress may make […]