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Pick and roll By Alan Pell Crawfor

The story is true. Wally Snyder saw it with his own eyes. Wally, of course, is president of the American Advertising Federation, which sponsored the 1978 conference where it happ

We may soon find out. As Bill Clinton’s choice for Secretary of Labor, Reich has achieved Cabinet status. But even without portfolio he would be one of the the most […]

A $10 BET: In-House or Out?

Should a client ditch its ad agency and set up an in-house agency instead? Unsurprisingly enough, the 4A’s thinks that would be a bad idea. Last month, O. Burtch Drake, […]


1992 was a strange and stressful year for a town so dependent on the church known as the auto industry. But for many reasons it was

1992Recently deposed General Motors chairman Robert Stempel was helluva good man, whose biggest downfall was that he is loyal to a fault, and had the wrong job. I’d have a […]

SEMI-PERPETUAL MOTION: A Little Traveling Music for These Hall of Fame Inductees

As if a starring role in the Old Testament weren’t enough, Moses now has achieved the honor of induction in the Frequent Traveler Hall of Fame by dint of his […]

Frito-Lay Presents ‘The Lay’s Challenge’

PLANO, TEXAS – In its Super Bowl bid to boost the Lay’s potato chip line, Frito-Lay is borrowing a tried-and-true tactic from its soda sister brand, Pepsi. The snack subsidiary […]

LaSalle Launches Phase 2 of Campaign

CHICAGO – LaSalle National Corporation here launches the second phase of an ad campaign to promote its group of retail and commercial banks. The Chicago-area banking corporation breaks television and […]

Ayer Europe Expands Network

PARIS – In Italy, Ayer has merged with agency Canard. The newest member of the Ayer Europe network will be called Canard/Ayer and will be located in Milan, Turin and […]

More Gossip Mags in Australia

SYDNEY – A weekly Australian edition of the popular U.S. celebrity gossip magazine, National Enquirer, will be launched by Australian Consolidated Press early next year. ACP has formed a joint […]

Lowe Talks With Spain’s Contrapunto

MADRID – Interpublic-owned The Lowe Group plans to take a stake in Spanish creative agency Contrapunto. Such a move would give Lowe the chance to reinforce its presence in Madrid […]

‘Media Cooperative’ Takes Shape

NEW YORK – If the New Year’s resolutions of Michael Kubin and Bob Ingram come true, they will be managing in mid-1993 a media cooperative built around the billings of […]