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    GoPro’s Digital Marketing Is Even More Extreme Than You Imagined

    From humble beginnings as a bulky 35mm camera to becoming one of the most successful tech gadgets in the marketplace, GoPro's rise has been as extreme as it's customers' need for adventure—well, except for this guy.

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    Video Game Makers Are Changing How They Engage Free Players

    Over the past decade, many video games have moved toward a pay-to-play 'freemium' model. That is, users can download a playable version of the game for free, and then pay for incremental enhancements or additional levels. This has changed the way games are made and the way game publishers advertise to their audience.

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    Smartwatches Are Giving Brands a New Edge on the Competition

    Once derided by skeptics as a superfluous gadget, the smartwatch is now demonstrating its unique value to customers and marketers alike. Watch-wearers will soon be able to make purchases, track vital health metrics and keep on top of news and messages, all without ever reaching for a smartphone.