Why Identity Mapping Is Your People-Based Marketing Hero

The personalized customer experiences that the so-called “walled gardens” enable can be a lesson to brands and agencies to deliver and operate a truly customer-obsessed business model. The key to […]

The Straightforward Guide to the Mobile Journey

Mobile advertising isn't just about creating ads that look good on phones. It's about understanding the people that carry those phones, and creating experiences that lead to a satisfied customer and a quantifiable purchase.

The Straightforward Guide to Mobile Ad Measurement

Most marketers understand the power and potential of mobile ads—they just don't know how to measure it. The perceived lack of integrated campaign KPIs has caused CMOs to hesitate in their commitment to mobile.

Finally, a Definitive Study That Proves Just How Much Mobile Contributes to In-Store Sales

In today's complex mobile environment, it's incredibly difficult to find out who saw your brand's ads, let alone what they did next. Despite the fact that U.S. mobile ad spend is expected to eclipse $40 billion by 2019, according to Forrester, marketers still struggle to set expectations.