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TVREV is an analyst group comprised of veteran journalists and top executives from the TV and advertising industries. We help world-class agencies, networks, marketers, start-ups and established companies take advantage of the rapidly changing media landscape.

Channel Bakers

Channel Bakers is an eCommerce Agency with retail media baked right in. Some of the world’s most beloved brands rely on our expertise and our industry is noticing we’ve been featured in publications big and small with the hope that our ideas and words can help current clients as well as potential partnerships. 

Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a digital experience design agency with a relentless focus on the customer. Critical Mass offers strategy and planning, experience design, marketing communications, technology implementation, and marketing science.

Sabio Holdings

Sabio Holdings Inc. (TSXV:SBIO.V) is a media and technology company that delivers improved brand performance via addressable cross screen solutions built on mobile behavior. The Sabio Holdings portfolio is comprised of the trusted and transparent demand-side platform Sabio, and the real-time measurement and attribution platform AppScience®. Together, the companies provide brands and agencies with the first end to end advertising suite, powered by its proprietary household graph of more than 300M mobile devices and 55MM CTV households.


With nearly 20 years of experience in the digital media industry, Division-D serves both agencies and brands as a full-service media partner. Our continual evolution in the media ecosystem brings clients the freshest targeting strategies and ad placements to effectively meet campaign objectives and exceed performance goals.


Podsights is the industry leader for podcast insights. Podsights empowers brands and agencies with valuable attribution and performance measurement to help validate and scale their podcast advertising. Publishers use Podsights to help grow their audience and effectively monetize their podcast content. Podsights is on a mission to grow podcast advertising by helping advertisers truly understand and leverage the power of the podcasting medium.


Siegel+Gale is a global brand strategy, design and experience firm. With unlimited imagination and a dedication to the facts, the firm builds brands that cut through the clutter—and unlock success for their clients. Since 1969, Siegel+Gale has championed simplicity for leading corporations, nonprofits and government organizations worldwide with offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai and Tokyo.



true[X] + Gimbal

true[X] + Gimbal brings location and attention-based marketing together enabling better targeting, more engaging creative, and actionable measurement solutions for advertisers looking to bridge the physical and digital worlds. Among the fastest-growing companies in ad technology, true[X] + Gimbal is advancing the integration of advertising, marketing, and CX through value exchange applications that captivate customers, optimize their attention, and honor their time and privacy.

Visit to learn more about its portfolio of award-winning connected tv and enhanced programmatic media offerings, and visit for information about Gimbal’s premium location solutions.

The Goat Agency

Goat is the largest and fastest growing Influencer Marketing Agency in the world, with 150 members of the herd across Europe, the US and Singapore - servicing clients including Dell, Tesco, P&G, 3M, Mars, PepsiCo, Beiersdorf, Uber, King, Disney and Facebook. We pride ourselves on seamless client servicing, data-led performance, real human relationships, expert creative strategy, uniquely engaging content and laser-sharp paid media targeting - which in combination drive market leading results for our clients. For more information, get in touch at, or check out our website:


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