Why Does This Gloriously Weird Ad Want You to Eat Nothing But Cauliflower Hash Browns?

Barely mentioning its name, plant-based brand Strong Roots builds intrigue through satire

The grapefruit diet infamously recommended that people consume a whole mess of oversized citrus, just as the cookie, cabbage soup and baby food diets relied almost exclusively on, well, cookies, cabbage soup and baby food. 

The old-school version of Atkins? Steak wrapped in bacon with a side of butter, coming right up.

So an eating plan based solely on cauliflower hash browns doesn’t sound that far-fetched. Or does it?

It does, and it’s ridiculous, which is the whole point of this fad-diet-trolling campaign for Strong Roots, a plant-based food company headquartered in Ireland that’s trying to make a splash in the U.S. 



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