This New Platform Lets Shoppers Track Store Reopenings in Real-Time

Waiting for the retail comeback? Now you can actually watch it

a map of the world
The figure inside the yellow circle corresponds to the number of department stores that have reopened in that area. Open Sesame

As the CEO of retail data analytics firm Skypad, Jay Hakami finds himself on the phone with a lot of brands; top labels like Michael Kors and Tory Burch, whose goods sell in department stores from coast to coast. And over the past eight weeks, when Hakami has them on the phone, they’ve all had the same complaint—sales are down—and they’ve all wanted to know the same thing: When are stores going to reopen?

@UpperEastRob Robert Klara is a senior editor, brands at Adweek, where he specializes in covering the evolution and impact of brands.