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Serena Williams Channels Caddyshack as the Star of Michelob’s Super Bowl Teaser

The homage to a sports comedy classic also includes Anheuser-Busch’s first shoppable ad

Michelob Ultra—and brand ambassador Serena Williams—are returning to Super Bowl 57 with a familiar concept.

In the official teaser, Williams and Succession star Brian Cox play golf at Bushwood Country Club, the fictional course from the 1980 sports comedy Caddyshack.

“This February, Bushwood is back—and new members are taking over,” a voiceover hints as Williams attempts an unconventional shot.

Adweek was on set for the filming of the campaign in November 2022. We’ll have much more on Michelob’s Super Bowl strategy in the days leading up to the Big Game.

Michelob Ultra

The brand previously released a series of 6- and 15-second teasers on YouTube. The 15-second ads also aired during the NFL Wild Card round on Jan. 15. They will continue to air throughout subsequent NFL championship rounds.

Caddyshack fans will instantly recognize nods to Rodney Dangerfield’s tricked-out golf bag and Bill Murray’s mums. (No signs of Mr. Gopher yet.)

Online viewership of the initial teasers ranges from a few hundred to 275,000 for former NFL quarterback Tony Romo’s turn as Murray, who played assistant groundskeeper Carl Spackler—and more than 564,000 for boxer Canelo Alvarez’s on-course beer run.

Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra

Other cameos include World Cup champion Alex Morgan, who pours herself a beer from a Dangerfield-like golf bag in an online-only trailer.

Michelob Ultra

In the four previously released videos, a voiceover says, “Michelob Ultra is taking over the Big Game,” as Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Alright”—which, of course, hails from the Caddyshack soundtrack—plays in the background.

Then, he says, “Order now,” as a QR code appears, which takes viewers to a dedicated page on Instacart where they can buy Michelob products from local retailers.

Ricardo Marques, vp of marketing at Michelob, noted this marks Anheuser-Busch’s first shoppable commercial.

“We’re excited about incorporating this unique innovative ecommerce approach into our strategy, giving customers even faster access to our products,” he added.

This, of course, follows Michelob’s 2022 Super Bowl ad, which took place at a bowling alley called the Superior Bowl.

Manned by Big Lebowski star Steve Buscemi, the Superior Bowl allowed Michelob athletes like Williams, Morgan and two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning to blow off some steam. It, too, was an homage to a popular film.

Blair Warren, creative director at Wieden+Kennedy (the agency behind Michelob’s spots that year), said in a 2022 interview the brand had a clear brief, which was to embody Michelob’s ethos: a low-calorie, low-carb beer can live in harmony with an active social life.

“That led us to ask ourselves, ‘Is there a place where beer and sport can come together very naturally?’ And that led us to bowling,” she said at the time. “Beer and bowling, they’re pretty much synonymous with one another.”

Now, of course, it seems beer and golf are synonymous. It’s a logical extension for Michelob, which is the official beer of the PGA Championship, and has sponsored the association since 1994.

In a Jan. 17 tweet, Michelob hinted golf will be a big theme this year:

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