No Matter How You Pronounce It, Jif Is a Kitchen Staple—Especially for Choosy Moms

Peanut butter lovers are notoriously loyal to their brand of choice

jif peanut butter with extra info coming out
Jif took over the peanut butter market shortly after it was purchased by P&G. Courtesy of The J.M. Smucker Company

One of the more colorful moments in the world of tech took place in 2013 when Steve Wilhite rose from his seat in New York’s Cipriani Wall Street to accept his Webby Award for lifetime achievement. Wilhite is the inventor of the graphics interchange format, an animated loop better known as the GIF, which the computer scientist developed in 1987 while working for CompuServe. As he reached the podium, Wilhite kept his acceptance speech short.

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