How Torchy’s Tacos Shifted to a Curbside Business in Just a Few Days

The emerging chain has had to adapt to a new normal amid the pandemic

A photo of a Torchy's Tacos location
Torchy's Tacos, like so many restaurant chains, has had to quickly evolve due to restrictions on sit-in dining. Torchy's Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos, an emerging restaurant chain based in Austin that fuses the cuisines of Texas, Mexico and the South, was on a trajectory similar to that of Shake Shack at the beginning of 2020. During the course of this year, it planned to open 20 new restaurants, adding to its 70-plus locations, according to CMO Scott Hudler. Its average unit volume was just under $4 million.

@RichCollings Richard Collings is a retail reporter at Adweek.