Brave Commerce Podcast: The Challenge of Marketing Intimate Wellness

Breaking down taboos with Reckitt svp Olga Osminkina-Jones

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In this episode of Brave Commerce, Olga Osminkina-Jones, svp and global category officer for intimate wellness at consumer hygiene and nutrition maker Reckitt, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to reflect on the importance of value creation.

In this enlightening and emotional session, Osminkina-Jones speaks on the challenges and triumphs of reaching audiences in personal industries like intimate wellness, where stigma and shame can still keep consumers away. Having gone through her own journey of self-acceptance, Osminkina-Jones is now working to destigmatize these products.

Osminkina-Jones believes the most important skill for modern-day CPG brands is understanding their consumers. She discusses how brands should not only serve their customers, but also try to change their lives. She hopes that as ecommerce evolves, more and more people will embrace the intimate wellness category. 

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