Brave Commerce Podcast: Innovating With AI

Panera's chief brand and concept officer on AI, generosity and a member-first approach

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In this episode of Brave Commerce, Eduardo Luz, chief brand and concept officer at Panera, discusses AI, generosity and a member-first approach with hosts Sarah and Rachel.

With an exceptional 55 million loyalty members, Panera has identified “generosity” as the defining characteristic of its brand. Luz delves into how Panera’s dedication to generosity towards individuals, community and the planet, has shaped its initiatives. Through its approaches, such as donating its unsold goods to local nonprofits, Panera is staying true to its core values.

Luz discusses how integrating AI technology in its customer service initiatives has aided in the diversification of its revenue streams and increased its conversion rate by 30 to 40% in the first 3-4 months of implementation. He emphasizes that finding the correct balance between technology and authenticity is key when developing an AI strategy.

Key takeaways:

  • By adopting AI technologies such as machine learning and chatbots, businesses can improve operational efficiency, increase customer engagement and drive growth.
  • A strong brand identity helps differentiate a business and resonates with customers on a deeper level.
  • By integrating a technology-first mindset throughout the organization, businesses can foster an environment of innovation and stay at the forefront of their industry.