Brave Commerce: Moët Hennessy's President Links On-Premise and Online Sales

Seth Kaufman discusses building an exceptional workplace and servant leadership

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Seth Kaufman, president of Moët Hennessy, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss building an exceptional workplace.

Kaufman talks about the importance of tracking success and achievements transparently so the company can be agile and workers stay motivated. He also touches on why inclusivity and sustainability are vital, and explains how these values empower employees through servant leadership. This company model translates to employee retention, business longevity and, ultimately, sales. 

Furthermore, Kaufman talks about the relationship between on-premise sales and ecommerce. He explains Moët Hennessy’s in-house content studio and how it has served the company’s marketing objectives. Finally, he talks about shopping habits shifting over the years, including the mindset that people are “scrimping to splurge,” or saving in some categories to spend more in others.

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