Adweek Radio: The Evolution of Cannabis Marketing

A short history and what the future holds for the industry

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Cannabis is still not legal at the federal level, but it’s been legalized enough by states that this year’s crop of Democratic presidential candidates have added it to their platforms.

How, when and where sellers can advertise legal marijuana is also up in the air as states, counties and cities have their own rules and regulations.

On this week’s episode of Adweek Radio, we talk with the CEO of Weedmaps, Chris Beals, about the complex nature of marketing legal weed. We also hear from Lee Applbaum, CMO of Parallel, and his discussion with Adweek CEO Jeff Litvack about whether brands matter in the cannabis space.

Plus, Adweek’s emerging tech reporter Patrick Kulp weighs in on the future of AI.

You can listen to the episode below.