31 Standout Brands Whose Resilience in the Face of Challenges Inspired Innovation

Presenting the winners of our first annual Retail Awards

Collage of products from Ulta Beauty, White Claw, Target, Harry's, Trader Joe’s, Mack and Popeyes
Our inaugural winners are a mix of legacy brands and nimble upstarts, from Ulta Beauty, White Claw and Harry's to Target, Trader Joe’s and Popeyes. ChefBoyRG

The business of retail has changed on virtually every front, from how products are made to how they’re marketed, sold and distributed. The mix of players has also evolved, with legacy brands sharing prominence with nimble upstarts—and learning a thing or two in the process. This year, in recognition of the steep challenges brands face—and the many innovations that their resilience has inspired—we’re honoring the standouts in the industry with our first annual Adweek Retail Awards. Executives from a number of the winning companies, including Ulta Beauty, Lerer Hippeau and Mack Weldon, will be sharing their insights live and in person at our Challenger Brands Summit March 4-5 in New York. We hope to see you there. —Kristina Feliciano

This story first appeared in the March 2, 2020, issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.