Check Out Busch’s Surprisingly Funny 30-Second Super Bowl Spot

Busch's Super Bowl debut is from Deutsch in New York and introduces its new spokesman, the Busch Guy.

Papa John’s Explores Its Own Humble Origins in Its Pre-Super Bowl Spot

The NFL's official pizza sponsor launches its "pizza family" branding with this ad to air before the Big Game.

Buick Unveils a Cute, Shape-Shifting Super Bowl Ad Starring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr

Buick takes a page from the Snickers playbook in its 60-second Super Bowl commercial, as Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr step into ordinary people’s shoes—not because they’re hungry, but because […]

Dads Hide King’s Hawaiian Rolls, and Their Kids Find Them in Brand’s Super Bowl Debut

King's Hawaiian is running its first Super Bowl ad, which shows why its so hard to keep its rolls around.

Dueling Celebrity Colonels Fight for Chicken Supremacy in KFC’s Super Bowl Spot

KFC's celebrity colonels Rob Riggle and Billy Zane battle it out in the brand's first Super Bowl spot.

These 4 Classic Super Bowl Ads Are About as Patriotic as They Come

There’s something special about the American spirit, and there’s no better time to tap into that Americana than at the Super Bowl.

Steve Carell Shares Some Advice Via His High School Yearbook Photo in Honda’s Super Bowl Teaser

Honda's Super Bowl ad teaser features Steve Carell.

Lady Gaga Will Star in Tiffany’s First Super Bowl Ad

The 60-second spot is the company's first TV ad in 20 years.

Ex-W+K Execs Welcome Finance Site to U.S. With Anxious Super Bowl Ad

Canadian robo-advisor Wealthsimple is preparing to launch in the U.S., and it's doing it in style, with a regional Super Bowl ad.

How Skittles Became America’s (and the NFL’s) Favorite Non-Chocolate Candy

Indeed, it is. According to Nielsen data, Skittles remains the No. 1 nonchocolate candy in America. Parent Wrigley's production lines crank out 200 million Skittles every day.