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I'm so devo cos my niz' busted me on Facebook. Totes awks.

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The Top 5 Things Overheard in PR Agencies Today

No, they are “saying” a lot here too. A couple of years ago, Hunter Public Relations of New York provided us with the YouTube homage “Stuff PR People Say.” Many […]

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Here at PRNewser, we often post lists of best/worst practices in media relations. We’ve done the pitching thing and we know how hard it is; it’s nothing if not an imprecise […]

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5 Things to Know About YouTube’s Fan Funding

We've got the essential intel for those ready to enable YouTube's new donation feature.

5 Things Your CEO (And You) Should Never Post on Facebook

Have you ever wondered what you should or shouldn’t say online if you made it to the big leagues one day? Being a leader means you have an important image to maintain, of course! So you should know by now that once something goes live on the Internet there is no getting it back - and every attempt to delete it helps it grow and haunt you forever more.