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Mobile Ad Deals Take Off

Presumably due to CTIA Wireless conference, there were lots of announcements about mobile ad deals this week. (We already reported on some of the largest ones here.) MediaPost has a […]

How to generate successful web 2.0 color palette

I’m now working on my blog redesign and I spend a lot of time to thinking what is the most important things to build successful web 2.0 site , any […]

Apple Overtaking MTV’s Role in the Music Industry

The game has changed. For a new band to break out into the mainstream, having a video on MTV was of paramount importance, but now things are different. According to […]

Why Page Views Aren’t Always Important

This Mediaweek article points out how page views on social networking sites might not be as important to advertisers as they are on, say, a regular portal such as Yahoo. […]

Successfully moved to MediaTemple

After a long time of thinking and searching for best hosting offers I finally moved to MediaTemple. My old hosting company was Dreamhost, but at this company I have […]

Switching to Tiger Admin plugin V3.0

From the very first weeks of blogging I started to use Tiger Admin plug-in for because it has much better design and was much comfortable in use than the […]

FWA People's Choice Award 2006

Listen here! If you feel that your judgment can affect things in this world and if you are interested in web design you need to submit your vote at FWA […]

Design is not an option – it’s a way of life.

The Design Town is new and interesting project to bring design to the people. Every day they offer one design product to be able to buy and I must say […]

Scared students protest Facebook’s social dashboard, grappling with rules of attention economy

There’s been a lot of talk in the blogosphere in the last 24 hours of students’ negative reactions to Facebook’s new “feed” features. Here’s a summary of what’s going on: […]

10 sources to start blogging for money

The biggest problem to start blogging is information and if you want to blog for money it is even harder and you need very much information to do things right. […]