Successfully moved to MediaTemple

After a long time of thinking and searching for best hosting offers I finally moved to MediaTemple. My old hosting company was Dreamhost, but at this company I have […]

Mobile Ad Spending in 2007 to Double to $1.5 billion

Just in case the trend toward mobile advertising wasn’t already clear, InfoWorld hits all the major reasons why we’re headed for a huge increase in spending. They point to a […]

Use Your BlackBerry To Be Annoying

The New York Times has an amusing article about how people are increasingly turning to their phones to quickly get answers on everything from trivia questions to news items. The […]

Mobile Sites You Can Actually Read

Cellphones aren’t known for their incredible Web browsing skills. But numerous magazines, newspapers, and television networks have excellent mini-pages that you actually have a shot at reading on your cell […]

Take Cartoon Network Characters With You

Soon you’ll be able to transform your cellphone’s interface to match that of your favorite Cartoon Network characters. Cartoon Network New Media just released CallToons, which is software that replaces […]

Local TV Stations to Deliver News and Weather To Phones

Internet Broadcasting, a company that gives over 70 local TV stations an online Web and advertising presence, has brokered a deal with Crisp Wireless to deliver content to cellphones. Crisp […]

Funny Masterpieces of Photoshop – Worth1000

When I’m working there is certain period of time that I’m using just to relax a bit from work. There is several things to do – somebody is checking out […]

Warner Music Boss Fires Back At Steve Jobs

Warner music boss Edgar Bronfman Jr. fired back at Apple’s Steve Jobs today, saying all intellectual property deserves some form of protection from piracy. Rather than abolish “digital rights management” […]

Cellphone Advertising Kicks It Up a Notch

If you browse the Web on your cellphone, you’re probably used to seeing small banner ads here and there. But according to today’s New York Times, mobile advertising is about […]

Watch Lionsgate movies on your iPod

Apple expanded its online movie catalog to over 400 titles by teaming up with Lionsgate, the movie studio behind such popular films as Terminator 2, Basic Instinct, and The Blair […]