MajikWidget Beta

MajikWidget made an update on June 06 and now they offer their services in new quality. There is a lot of new features an updates starting from new logo and […]

WordPress Comment Notifier

Today I found useful software for WordPress – Comment Notifier. It checks your blog for new comments and gives you notification like MSN Messenger message.

Google Maps Ad

One of the greatest things what Google created is Google Maps and Web 2.0 AWARDS, what was announced on March 28, 2006 is showing that Google Maps is leading maps […]

Free WordPress themes from TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster who are selling different web templates now offer themes for WordPress blogs. These themes are very high quality and look really nice. ?

Chatsum is open to the public!

In my earlier post I wrote about Chatsum – in that moment they was close to register, but yesterday they announced that they are now open to the public. It […]

Cooqy – Flash-based eBay interface

Cooqy is eBay interface where you can search and buy items from eBay auctions. This project is still young – it started only on January 2006 and as public version […]

Netvibes vs. Pageflakes – modules, Part 1

In My previous two posts of Netvibes vs. Pageflakes category – design and basic functions and statistics I was writing what these startpages offer in basics, but this post will […]

Skype WiFi Phone from NETGEAR

This is first phone who is made only to use with Skype calls. It works using WiFi technology and it means you can call only from places where WiFi is […]

Chatsum Beta launched

One interesting project launched beta testing few days ago. This project is Chatsum. What is Chatsum? It is add-on for your web browser that lets you chat with all the […]

Parazz – photo sharing!

Parazz is online photo sharing service like, but Parazz is based on Macromedia Flash technology and I think it gives the project new look and possibilities. Parazz offers two […]