Bill Gates Pushes “Integrated Wireless Devices”

It’s a bit of a no-brainer. But at Microsoft’s eighth annual Strategic Account Summit, Bill Gates “spoke about a future media landscape where consumers will possess single, high-performance wireless devices, […]

Apple Wants Music Copy Restrictions to Disappear

The AP has a well-written story that gives the current state of the music copy protection debacle. Since there are all these incompatible DRM protection systems in place – ones […]

Best FireFox Digg Extensions

Here is listed few FireFox extensions that can be very useful for Digg users. Digg is a great source of news but sometimes you may want more functionality to make […]

Get Sports SMS Alerts On Your Phone

The SMS alert market is getting a bit crowded; if you want to sign up for these at all, choose carefully, or your phone will be ringing all day (and […]

MySpace Video Player

Do you ever had a problem with adding videos to your MySpace profile? If yes – here is one solution that you can use to solve this problem. MyTubeX offers […]

Newspaper Sites Outpace Web Growth

MediaPost is reporting that newspaper site audiences are growing faster than the overall Internet audience at large. In a Newspaper Association of America-commissioned study, Nielsen//NetRatings found that 59 million people […]

Download uTorrent to delete BitComet

I have discovered uTorrent (BitTorrent client) few months ago and I’m completely sure that it is the best torrent client ever made. Previously I used BitComet but it is using […]

Web and Cellphone Alarm Systems Take Hold

As frequent cellphone text users know, SMS text messages are good for more than talking to your friends, or signing up for alerts that dish out the latest media industry […]

Forbes: Online Music Will Stay Protected

Forbes media reporter Louis Hau notes that just because EMI and Apple dropped digital rights management (DRM) from their online music catalogs, it doesn’t mean that other companies will follow […]

Maxim Mobile Wins Webby Award

Dennis Digital has been named a Webby Award winner in the Mobile News & Entertainment category for the Maxim Mobile web site. The site, located at, can be viewed […]