Facebook Should Help Application Developers Make Money

Facebook shook up the Internet world 3 weeks ago when it announced the availability of Platform, enabling developers to build applications deeply integrated within Facebook, distribute applications through feeds and […]

InsightExpress Offers Mobile Media Tracking Tool

Hot on the heels of Nielsen’s mobile media tracking announcement, InsightExpress just launched their own toolset, MediaPost is reporting. Ad Infuse will be the first advertiser network on mobile to […]

Bookmark Facebook Hotties

Enjoy browsing Facebook for potential matches? Thanks to Aryeh Goldsmith who has been churning out new applications at a furious pace, you can now save any of your favorite profiles. […]

Share Inside Jokes With Your Friends on Facebook

This one is sure to be popular among Facebook females (unless guys are more prone to sharing inside jokes than I’m aware of). Dan Uyemura has developed an application that […]

‘Lost’ Producers Promise Interesting Mobisodes, Better Ending Than ‘Sopranos’

According to Hollywood Reporter, there will be a series of “Lost” mobisodes that feature the entire cast. The shows are scheduled to launch first on Verizon Wireless, and then later […]

European Union Slashes Roaming Charges

Here’s something we could really use here in the states. According to Reuters, European Union ministers just adopted rules that will cap roaming charges when making cellphone calls abroad in […]

Scrapblog: Making Your Profile Picture Perfect

Want a slick way for placing photos directly into your profile? Scrapblog offers a service that allows you to make sleek flash presentations of your pictures right from your profile. […]

NBC Sports Mobile Launches On MobiTV

NBC Sports fans can now get their fix from their cellphone. NBC Universal just launched NBC Sports Mobile, a mobile TV channel that any MobiTV subscriber can view. The channel […]

Facebook Has an Identity Crisis

Well not Facebook exactly, it is more the cause of my own identity crisis. My online identity is being rapidly distributed around the web with each click of “Add Application” […]

Graph Your Friends' Demographics

Two days ago I was talking with my co-worker about how someone needs to develop an application that tracks the demographics of your friends. Then yesterday Joshua Fraser of Clemson […]