Motorola iRadio Launch Hits Snag

Billboard reports that after lots of early hype, Motorola’s iRadio service has to go back to the drawing board. Apparently phone carriers decided that the service, which “cached” audio data […]

Blockbuster’s Movie Downloading Play

In what is reported to be a $50 million deal, Blockbuster is in “advanced talks” to purchase Movielink, a movie download company that lets you buy or rent videos to […]

Flash Site of the Month – Uniqlo Mixplay

The Flash Site of the February is – very musical, made for real fans of sound and motion. Uniqlo Mixplay is dance and sound mixer to create unique song with […] Your Website Popularity

Approximately month ago I discovered new web project with the interesting concept and the name of this website is It is new way how to promote your website or […]

Stunning Revelation: Mobile Ads Should Be Short

Here’s a shocker. According to a report from IDC, if you’re going to do a “preroll” video ad that plays before the content a cell phone viewer selects, make sure […]

Cingular to Offer XM Satellite Radio

Cingular is jumping into satellite radio with a new $8.99/month package that gives you 25 commercial-free XM channels to listen to on your cell phone. This roughly matches a deal […]

Forbes Gives the Lowdown on Mobile TV

Forbes today gives an overview of the two technologies currently used in mobile television, and which TV networks and vendors are playing with each one. We’re about to begin a […]

Verizon Ready to Launch Live Mobile TV

Looks like Verizon Wireless is finally ready to try out some live television channels. According to a report from RCRWireless, Verizon is gearing up to launch “Vcast Mobile TV” in […]

AOL May Join the Mobile Ad Game

According to unnamed sources (first in a Wall Street Journal article and later relayed by Reuters), AOL is in talks to purchase Third Screen Media, an advertising startup that targets […]

Milk Industry Launches “Branded Emoticon”

OK, this one is a stretch. Sal Taibi, the president of Lowe, New York, agency for the Milk Processor Education Program, or MilkPEP, has announced the first “branded emoticon.” Yep, […]