Why Page Views Aren’t Always Important

This Mediaweek article points out how page views on social networking sites might not be as important to advertisers as they are on, say, a regular portal such as Yahoo. […]

Maybe the Problem With Mobile TV is Too Much Choice

It sounds crazy, given that we’ve barely gotten started with mobile TV on our cell phones. But media columnist Steve Smith might have a point in this latest Mobile Insider […]

Jury Says Vonage Infringed On Verizon Patents

In a decision that can’t be good for the money-losing Internet phone provider, Vonage must pay Verizon $58 million in damages for infringing on three of Verizon’s patents, a federal […]

Consumers Using the Mobile Web More Often

More juicy info from the Online Publishers Association: according to another study of theirs, 71% of U.S. users have access to the Internet on their phones, while 41% said that […]

Yes, But How Do You Really Feel About Mobile Advertising?

It’s one of the big questions about cell phones. Would users rather pay monthly subscription fees to browse the Web and view videos? Or would it be better if that […]

Virb hates MySpace

Today have launched Virb, that, by many bloggers, will take a big part of MySpace users and possibly even kill MySpace. I have seen ether project before from Virb team […]

Big Wrestlers, Tiny Screen

Wrestling fans will soon be able to get their fix on the go. Cingular is about to announce a far-ranging agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment to sell videos, ringtones, and […]

MobiTV Signs Up 2 Million Subscribers

Two million subscribers is a lot for any niche service. Up until now, that’s exactly what mobile TV has been in the U.S. Its niche status seems almost certain to […]

Control your TV with Verizon and Sprint Phones

MocoNews is reporting two bits of news for DVR junkies: – Sprint and Time Warner Cable are running trials in three markets for a new Mobile Access service. It lets […]

MTV Plans To Flood the Web

In an article that sounds more than a little like a stunt from The Onion, Reuters is reporting that MTV plans to launch “thousands” of new Web sites in a […]