Clearsping Adds Facebook Distribution

Clearspring, the dominant widget distribution platform, has just expanded their distribution to Facebook. This is a huge opportunity for widget developers. While Facebook has tried to move away from describing […]

Add Google Talk Emoticons and Smileys

Below is a list of Google Talk smileys and emotions. How you can see Google was trying to keep them as simple as possible. No colors or animated funny faces […]

Your Momma Made Facebook

Oh snap! Seriously, is there really any question about who developed Facebook? Apparently Aaron J. Greenspan (not Alan Greenspan in case you were confused) says that he came up with […]

SocialMedia Opens Up Their Ad Network

Last night Nick Gonzalez covered SocialMedia’s launch of their ad network to anybody. The advertising market on Facebook is highly competitive and rapidly evolving. Last week I reported on Facebook’s […]

Municipal WiFi Projects Dying Off

EarthLink said late Wednesday that it is bailing out of a contract to build San Francisco’s free Wi-Fi service, according to a CNET News report. “EarthLink backed out of the […]

Help With AllFacebook Video

So I have been planning a video show for a few weeks now and I finally have the team in place to make it happen. We are going to begin […]

Breaking: NBC Ends iTunes Sales

NBC Universal, unable to come to an agreement with Apple on pricing, has decided not to renew its contract to sell digital downloads of television shows on iTunes, The New […]

Sony Pulls the Plug on Connect Music Store

If someone shuts a mobile music service down in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, does anyone care? That’s the situation facing Sony, which is finally turning […]

Facebook Kills Application Excitement for Developers

You launch your application and start refreshing your application page to see how many installs you have. This is the same thing that people frequently do with their blogs. They […]

The Beatles on iTunes: Next Week?

This one has been swirling around for ages. But the latest speculation is that Apple will finally make the long-awaited announcement next week–that music from Liverpool’s legendary quartet will be […]