Nokia Opens Up Ovi to Mobile Ads

In addition to their recent acquiring of mobile ad firm Enpocket, Nokia has now opened up their upcoming Ovi mobile media service to the mobile ad market, according to MediaPost. […]

AOL Music Launches Facebook App

AOL Music just launched an application which allows you to display videos, photos and information about your “favorite artists.” While it’s a pretty well designed flash widget there are some […]

Facebook Experiences Explosive Growth in Europe

Comscore released data today showing impressive growth in Europe’s social networking obsession. The most interesting of the data was a whopping 422 percent growth in Facebook visitors between the months […]

Boomers Are Mobile-Savvy

When it comes to use of mobile features, MediaPost reports, Baby Boomers aren’t that far behind their younger, seemingly more tech-savvy counterparts. The Stamford-based online market research firm InsightExpress surveyed […]

Is Facebook a Waste of Time?

Jeffery Zeldman seems to think so. He thinks that Facebook is just another way for blowing “off work you should be doing.” I think he may be partially right. I […]

Big Launch at Facebook Tonight?

Dave McClure has taken note about Blake Ross’ Facebook status. Blake Ross is one of the initial developers of the Firefox browser and was one of the founders of Parakey […]

Mobile Media News covers NYC B2B Panel (Updated)

NEW YORK–The B2B and wireless tech crowds converged at today’s B-to-B Meets Mobile Media panel, held by American Business Media in the McGraw-Hill building on 6th Avenue in New York […]

NYT Finally Ditches TimesSelect–on Mobile, Too

It seems like eons ago that we first heard about The New York Times and its decision to ax the stagnant TimesSelect program. But it looks like the other shoe […]

Google Amps Up Mobile Ads

Online search leader Google is expanding the volume of advertising that it delivers to mobile devices, hoping to make more money from the expanding audience of consumers surfing the Web […]

Facebook Javascript Launches

The FBJS tag which had been in beta for the past month or so in now live. All Facebook applications can now utilize Javascript. Facebook also has a built in […]