Mogad: The Social Content Finder for Facebook

Blake Commangere, developer of the Zobies, WereWolves, Vampires and Causes applications has launched a social content discovery application with Lucas Ryan and Yanda Erlich. The application while similar in concept […]

Revolution Money on Facebook?

I was sent a link to an unreleased Money Exchange application last night. Happened to be perfect timing given the announcement of Revolution Money. While the application doesn’t seem to […]

New numbers on Facebook, Platform growth

Facebook released some new statistics today on overall growth, user demographics and engagement, international growth, and the Facebook Platform. Some notable numbers: Facebook now has more than 42 million active […]

Rumor: Facebook Security Breach Results in Lawsuit

I have been tipped off that there could be a major lawsuit announced in the coming days regarding security at Facebook. Much of this revolves around Facebook’s lack of privacy […]

Facebook Under Investigation!

Make sure your children are safe on Facebook because there are predators out there looking to attack! According to a New York Times article, the New York Attorney General, Andrew […]

SNAP Summit: Covering the Facebook Platform and Beyond

I know there are a lot of events surrounding Facebook currently, but here is one more to throw into the mix: Snap Summit. SNAP stands for “Social Network Application Platform.” […]

Facebook Launches Bug Tracking System for Developers

If you ever questioned Facebook’s dedication to its developer base, this should lower your concerns a little. Facebook has launched a public bug tracking system. While not a huge development […]

Microsoft to Invest in Facebook

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is in talks with Facebook to make an investment for a 5% stake in Facebook. Just weeks ago rumors of a new round […]

MTV Gets Back Into Music Videos

MTV has just released a new application and guess what it does? It plays music videos! As pictured below, the MTV Music Videos application enables users to view top artists […]

TechCrunch: Mobile Social Networks Lack Presence Detection

TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington posted a solid analysis of the mobile social networking market. He said that all of the big players, while having unique features here and there, lack […]