Mobile Ad Deals Take Off

Presumably due to CTIA Wireless conference, there were lots of announcements about mobile ad deals this week. (We already reported on some of the largest ones here.) MediaPost has a […]

Cellphones Are Still Too Hard To Use

At CTIA 2007 in Orlando, Florida, I wrote several stories for PC Magazine about the keynote speeches and the state of the industry. It seemed everyone is realizing that phones […]

Maybe No One Is Going Online With Their Phones Yet

Of course, all this wondering about where mobile media is headed won’t do any good if no one is accessing it. In today’s MediaPost, there’s a report that “just 5% […]

Pepsi and Intel To Advertise on MTV Mobile

Right on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that MTV is launching a series of mobile sites, Pepsi and Intel became the first sponsors of their new mobile properties. “With the […]

What if Microsoft Purchased DoubleClick?

It’s no secret that Google has pulled far and away ahead of Yahoo and Microsoft in developing a viable online ad model. That doesn’t mean the latter two portals aren’t […]

Cellphone Video Gets Longer

By Jamie Lendino It seems only a matter of time before everyone starts watching video in the palms of their hands. You can already get a powerful phone that plays […]

MTV and Sprint Push Ad-Supported Networks

Mediaweek is reporting that MTV and Sprint are launching three new networks based on their wireless video content platform. The networks include wireless versions of MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. […]

Weather Channel Mobilizes Targeted Ads

In a new twist, the Weather Channel is now the first mobile service that can target advertising based on — you guessed it — current weather conditions. It works with […]

Yahoo Jumps Into Mobile Ad Market

In a bid to outshine Google in the mobile space, Yahoo is announcing a new Web ad network initiative today for cell phones. This lets marketers place ads simultaneously within […]

Sprint Finally Gets Realistic About Music Downloads

For well over a year, Sprint has been charging $2.49 per music download from their cell phones. As you can imagine, this price hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, […]