YouTube + MySpace for Music Fans – is great music video source for all music fans with wide range of video materials from shows, concerts interviews and more. M+ offer live video streaming broadcasting 24 hours […]

Ultimate Link Directory for Designers – Blue Vertigo

The mission of Blue Vertigo is to offer designers useful links that can help them to create great things without spending time for searching information and resources for their works. […]

Boost Mobile Scores 1.5 Million Hits With Contest

A combination of cell phones, cars, and a contest yielded gold for Boost Mobile and mobile community provider AirG. They received 1.5 million contest entries for an ad campaign with […]

Nokia Throws Weight Behind Mobile Advertising

Today’s installment of “Time to Get Into Mobile Advertising” involves Nokia, which just launched two new ad services, as summarized in this MocoNews report: Nokia Ad Service: “consists of a […]

Find a NYC Restaurant or Bar With Your Phone

Looking to find a good bar or restaurant while on the go? New York Magazine just launched a service that lets you do the following: – Text GONYC (46992) with […]

Jury Still Out on Branded Phones and Services

We recently received some promotional materials on the Disney phone, which got us wondering about mobile brand marketing in general. Ever since ESPN shut down its cell phone company due […]

Medio’s “Behavioral Targeting,” Flipped Upside Down

Medio’s chief advertising officer, Omar Tawakol, offers up some comments on behavioral targeting (BT), a form of advertising that allows vendors to find customers based on their surfing patterns. In […]

Media Execs Wax Lyrical About That Elusive ‘Convergence’ Concept

We’ve been hearing the word “convergence,” as it applies to the combination of traditional and digital media, for many years now. It appears it’s finally happening, though everyone still has […]

Verizon TV Goes Live, More Details Known

As we first reported earlier in the week, Verizon just launched its Mobile TV initiative. Now that the service is actually available, the AP is reporting some particulars that weren’t […]

Great Mobile Sites: Car and Driver

This Media Industry Newsletter column by Steve Smith analyzes why the new Car and Driver mobile site is exceptionally well designed. We’d have to agree with most of what he […]