Will the iPhone Spur a Mobile Media Revolution?

OMMA Magazine columnist Steve Smith poses a question many of us are wondering about the wireless industry: The iPhone may be changing the way we view the Web on mobile […]

Where Do You Spend Your Time on Facebook?

On Tuesday, Tim O’Reilly posted an article that discussed new Compete statistics about Facebook usage. While out of date, the numbers still proved to be interesting. In contrast to the […]

Microsoft In Midst of Image Crisis

CNNMoney.com posted an analysis of Microsoft’s position in the tech industry, saying that the software giant is looking to regain its glory days of growth by becoming competitive in booming […]

Is SuperWall Worth $10 Million?

Rock You CEO Lance Tokuda has told the New York Times that in regards to his SuperWall application, “If you told me you were going to write me a check […]

HD Radio to Support iTunes Tags

PC Magazine is reporting that major broadcasters announced they would be supporting iTunes tagging as part of the emerging HD Radio specification. Here’s the lowdown: “CBS RADIO, Clear Channel, Cumulus, […]

Make Your Blog Look Like Facebook

No, I don’t mean make your blog look like this one. Justin Tadlock, an Allfacebook.com reader, sent me an email yesterday of a pretty interesting wordpress theme that he designed. […]

NYT: Verizon Censorship is a Warning

The New York Times is weighing in with an editorial on last week’s Verizon abortion text messaging censorship. The Times said that while Verizon admitted its mistake and pledged not […]

Search Facebook Applications More Effectively

Clever Hippo, is a slick application that was launched about a week ago. I initially delayed a review because I didn’t see much value in an application search engine given […]

Test Your Lyric Knowledge With LyricWiki

Sean Colombo of RIT has made a pretty cool application that allows you to flex your lyric knowledge. This definitely seems like a first shot at would could be a […]

Can Facebook Applications Make Money?

According to a New York Times article this morning, future cash flows may be questionable. The article compares the current ad reveneue being generated as similar to the gold rush […]