EContent: Mobile Search Must Improve

As anyone who has tried to dive into their phone’s complex menu system can attest, finding what you want on the Internet using a cell phone screen isn’t always easy. […]

NYT: Downloading Movies Difficult Even On PCs

This article from The New York Times is a perfect example of why the wireless industry needs to tread carefully with regard to mobile movies and television. The process is […]

Go211 – extreme sports video site

With Go211 I will continue my reviews about niche social networks, and away from music social networks, at this time review is about extreme sports video sharing site/social network that […]

Why We’re Always the Last To Get the Good Stuff

We’re not usually gadget-focused here on Mobile Media News. But if anyone is wondering why mobile TV and the mobile Web are in such disarray, this MSNBC article by Michael […]

EU Lightens Pressure on Apple

Despite earlier claims to the contrary, European Union consumer chief Meglena Kuneva said that they’d rather not take legal action against Apple. Instead, she said, “I would like, really, to […]

Mobile Ads Should be Tied to Demographic: Analyst

They’re still ads, and they’ll still be annoying. But telecom analyst Jeff Kagan probably has a point when he says that if consumers will like any ads at all, they’ll […]

Will Apple Kill Off Commercials Next?

They’re already dominating online music sales, and helping to bring about the death of the traditional music industry as we know it. But as this CNN/Money article argues, Apple, along […]

Viacom in a Tizz With YouTube

So here’s the question: is Viacom right to sue YouTube? YouTube maintains that it’s just a delivery mechanism and that as soon as it is notified, the company removes copyrighted […]

Watch full-length NBC shows on your cell phone

MocoNews is reporting that MobiTV will soon offer full-length NBC shows on cell phones on demand. The shows will cost $1.99 and up, and you’ll have 24 hours (or possibly […]

Media Brands Leapfrog Carriers In Advertising Race

According to this CNET News article, big media brands such as Fox News, USA Today, and ESPN aren’t waiting for the carriers to launch their own advertising initiatives. Instead, they’re […]